Shivlingi seed (beej)

Shivlingi (Bryonia laciniosa) is a medicinal herb which is used to treat female infertility. This herb is also used for liver, respiratory, digestive system, rheumatic and metabolic disorders and infectious diseases.  Shivlingi herb also improves sperm quality in men.
Yog guru Swami Ramdevji advises women to take Shivlingi beej and Putrajevak beej to cure infertility.

Uses of Shivlingi Beej

  • Tonic for female reproductive system
  • Female Infertility
  • Weakness

How to take Shivlingi beej?

Grind Shivlingi beej to make fine powder and take this powder (1 gm) an hour before meals twice a day with cow milk.

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