Haridra khanda for allergies

Haridra Khanda is polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation. The main ingredient of this medicine is Haridra or turmeric. Haldi or turmeric is one of the best remedy for treating urticaria. In case one suffers from frequent urticaria, regular use of haldi helps to correct the condition. Turmeric is anti-oxidant, tonic, carminative, antidiabetic, blood purifying, diuretic, expectorant and anti-allergic.

Haridra Khanda is useful in Sheet-pitta or Urticaria. It is also indicated in allergic dermatitis, itching, other diseases of skin and all kinds of respiratory problems of allergic origin.

Here is given more about Haridra Khanda such as indication/therapeutic uses, composition and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Haridra Khanda

  • Haridra हल्दी (Rz.) 384 g
  • Go-ghrita गाय का घी 288 g
  • Godugdha गाय का दूध 3.072 l.
  • Khanda खांड 2.400 kg
  • Shunthi सोंठ (Rz.) 48 g
  • Marica काली मिर्च (Fr.) 48 g
  • Pippali पिप्पली (Fr.) 48 g
  • Tvak दालचीनी (St. Bk.) 48 g
  • Ela छोटी इलाइची (Sd.) 48 g
  • Patra तेजपत्ता ( Tejapatra) (Lf.) 48 g
  • Krimighna विडंग ( Vidanga) (Fr.) 48 g
  • Trivrita त्रिवृत (Trivrit) (Rt.) 48 g
  • Haritaki हरीतकी (P.) 48 g
  • Bibhitaka विभितकी (P.) 48 g
  • Amalaki आमलकी (P.) 48 g
  • Kesara (Nagakeshar) नागकेशर (Stmn.) 48 g
  • Musta मोथा (Rt. Tr.) 48 g
  • Lauha bhasma लौह भस्म 48 g

Lf.=Leaf;P.=Pericarp;Rt.=Root;Fr.=Fruit;Rz.=Rhizome;Sd.= Seeds;St.=Stem;St. Bk.= Stem Bark;Fl. Bd.=Flower Bud;Stmn.=Stamen;

Uses of Haridra Khanda

  • Sheet-pitta (Urticaria)
  • Skin Allergy
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Kandu (Itching)
  • Visphota (Blister)
  • Dadru (Taeniasis)
  • Udarda (Urticaria)
  • Chronic fever
  • Anemia

What is Sheet-pitta/Sitapitta

Shita-pitta is Ayurvedic name of Urticaria or nettle rash. In this condition, swallon rash or raised swell patches appear on the skin. These patches are very itchy. Such patches can occur on some body parts or all over the body. Sometimes urticaria is caused by an allergic reaction to some specific foods.

As per Ayurveda, the reason for Shita-pitta is aggravation of vata and kapha along with vitiation of pitta.

Urticaria, appears on sudden exposure to cold air when body is hot;sudden variation of temperature;swimming in water for prolonged period;intestinal parasites etc.

Dosage of Haridra Khanda

The recommended dosage of Haridra Khanda is 5 grams thrice a day with milk or water. Or take as directed by physician.

Where to buy

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

This medicine is manufactured by Kottakkal (Haridra Khandam), Nagarjuna (HaridraKhandam), Vaidtaratnam (Haridra Khandam), Sri Sri Ayurveda (Haridra Khanda) and some other pharmacies.

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