Health Benefits Of Almonds

Almonds are very nutritious and good for overall health. These are full of protein, fiber, minerals and mono unsaturated fatty acids. Eating one forth cup of almonds daily in breakfast provides healthy skin, immunity, better memory and lower heart disease risk.

Good for heart:

Almonds reduces the risk of heart diseases and lowers cholesterol level.

Good for skin:

Almonds contain Vitamin E which is very good for skin. It reduces acne, wrinkles and aging.

Source Of Magnesium And Potassium:

Almonds are very good source of magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is required in body for stronger bones, improved blood circulation and muscles. Magnesium helps to prevents tremors, increase heart rate, headache and high blood pressure. Potassium helps to maintain electrolyte and acid base balance in body.

Source Of Manganese And Copper:

Taking 1/4 cup of almonds provide 45% of the daily value for manganese, and 20% of the daily value of copper. Manganese is required to protect cell damage, functioning of thyroid gland, reproductive system and maintain blood sugar levels. Copper supports healthy bones, melanin production and thyroid gland functioning.

Source Of Protein:

Eating 1/4 cup of almonds provide protein more than a egg.

Helps To Shed Weight

Almonds help to lower weight.


Almonds are rich in antioxidant vitamin E and prevents cell damage. Almonds provides good fats that help to protect the skins cells.

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