Health: Control Pimple in Rainy Season

Rainy season brings pleasure and greenery on Earth but it also cause many infection. One most common skin problem is acne(pimples) . But in rainy season acne problem increases because in rainy season skin gets oily.

So we should be more careful to control acne, here are some tips to control acne.

- Most important thing is to keep your skin clean and oil free. Wash 2~3 time your face with some face wash(mint). It will keep your skin clean and oil free.

- Take some mint and neem leaves, boil in water when water reduces to half then filter water. Keep this water in refrigerator and wash your face 4~5 times with this water.

- Take boiled leaves and make paste and apply paste on pimples and wash after 20 min. It will treat acne fast.

- When there are pimples on your face then do not use scrub and do not use hands to blow pimple because if you use hands then pimples will leave patches.

- Eat less oily, spicy foods.

- Do ozone cleansing once in 20-25 days. It will help for sure.

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