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Medicinal use of curry patta or meethi neem in Ayurveda

Kari patta or curry leaves are used in making curries. It is very  good source of vitamin A, calcium and folic acid. When studied it is shown that curry leaves  antioxidant activity and free radical scavenging activity is highest. 

Due to anti-diabetic, antioxidant, anti-microbial, hepatoprotective , hypocholesterolemic  properties curry leaves are used in many condition such as diabetes, boils, skin and healing wounds. It is also good for digestive system. Its daily use prevent premature greying of hair.

Diabetes control by reducing blood sugar level:

Dry leaves and make powder and consume 3-4 gms daily in morning.  It help to reduce blood sugar level.

Facemask of curry patta:

Make paste of fresh leaves and massage and use as face pack this removes pimples and gives glowing skin. Also paste of its fruits can be made and taken 1 spoon twice a day.

Boils: Make leaves paste and apply on boils.

Stomach pain cure:

Make decoction by boiling 2-3 gms leaves in 2 glass water when it reduces to half glass, sieve and drink. This relives gas and indigestion.

Wound and cuts treatment:

boil leaves in water and wash the area, it helps in quick healing.

Acidity control:

Take fresh leaves grind and extract 3-4 spoon juice and add in one cup of water and drink.

Please note do not consume more than 15 gms of curry leaves at a time.