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Medicinal use of Badam rogan or Almond oil or Badam ka tel

Badam rogan is oil extracted from almonds and is rich in vitamin E, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium.    Vitamin E acts as antioxidant and improves blood circulation.

The various problems related to hairs such as hair fall, breakage ,dandruff can be solved by using it.  It is very good for any type of hair.

Also in case of head pain(migraine) 3-4 drop can be put in each nostril and sucked this gives relief from head pain. Believe me it works like magic in migraine headache. 

Badam rogan can be used internally or externally. With badam rogan head massage can be done.  Leave it for 45mins to one hour in hair then wash. This can be done twice a week.  This gives nourishment to hairs.

Badam rogan is rich in vitamin E so it keeps skin young. It nourishes skin and keeps it soft and healthy.  It can also be applied on dark circles externally.

Benefits of badam rogan

- Helps in hair growth

- Reduces hair fall

- Reduces hair breakage

- Removes dandruff

- Removes dryness of skin  and make it soft

- Keeps skin healthy and young

- Improves memory

- Give relief from constipation

Badam rogan can be taken daily by adding 1 tbsp in milk.

So if you are having problems related to hair or skin  give it a try by adding it in your glass of milk daily. Believe me it works.