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Ayurveda : Mouth ulcer treatment

Mouth ulcer is very common disorder. Cause of mouth ulcer can be any number. It is not any inflectional disease. So it does not require and any antibacterial medicine.  

There are several reasons for mouth ulcer

  1. Deficiency of vitamin B complex, this is main reason for mouth ulcer.
  2. Deficiency of iron
  3. Constipation
  4. Stress
  5. Consumption of tobacco products (Paan and Guthaka in India)
  6. Consumption of alcohol
  7. Consumption of antibiotics
  8. Damage of mouth cells while eating hard foods and accidently cut inside moth
  9. After quitting of guthaka chewing and quiting of smoking

Above are main reasons for mouth ulcer.

There are many treatment for mouth ulcer

  1. Drink lot of fresh clean water (Not boiled), water is great source of Vitamin B and it will improve your digestion and remove unwanted elements from body via urine and sweat.
  2. Use alum with water for gargling twice.
  3. Apply peppermint on affected area, it will give you great relief.
  4. Apply iodine on affected area.
  5. Eat vitamin and mineral enrich vegetable and fruits
  6. Take vitamin B complex and C supplements
  7. Quit chewing tobacco and smoking
  8. Use any mouth ulcer gel like Smile Ayurvedic mouth ulcer gel. It is very effective. I have used it for very long time after quitting chewing of guthaka (Paan masala).  When you quit consumption of tobacco products, mouth ulcer may occur very frequently. But this is temporary and natural process :).