Daily life experience of ayurvedic medicines, complementary therapies.

Divya Yauvanamrita Vati

This medicine strengthens heart and brain, promotes sexual desire, and makes the body active. It is an aphrodisiac that gives strength, youth and vigour to body.

Uses of Chandraprabha vati

Chandraprabha vati is given for treating genitourinary (Genitourinary refers to the urinary and genital organs) ailments and seminal problems.

Ashwagandhadi Churna

Ashwagandhadi Churna is use to improving fertility, improving sperm quality, low body weight/fat, weakness, and anaemia, also useful in weakness of muscles.

Sandu Vimfix Details

Sandu Vimfix is Ayurvedic medicine to treat premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, spermatorrhoea and also improves quality and quantity of sperms.

Kaunch Beej Churna

Kaunch Beej Churna is herbal medicine made from seeds of Mucuna pruriens. It is very good for sexual weakness, fertility, Parkinson and related disease.