Daily life experience of ayurvedic medicines, complementary therapies.

Madhumega Choornam

This medicine is useful in treatment of madhumeha or diabetes. Madhumega Choornam has anti-diabetec, anti-hyperlipdemic and antihypertensive activities.

Kayathirumeni Oil Thylam

Kayathirumeni Oil is Ayurvedic medicated oil. It is used topically in various conditions. It is applied externally to get relief from pain and for quick healing of external wounds and fracture.

Hadjod or Cissus Quadrangularis

Hadjod or Cissus quadrangular has potent fracture healing property. It has antimicrobial, antiulcer, antioxidant, anti-osteoporotic, gastro-protective, cholinergic activity.

Annabedi Chenduram

Annabedhi Chenduram is a traditional formulation used for the treatment of various ailments in Siddha system of medicine.

Sivanar Amirtham Medicine Details

Sivanar Amirtham is a herbo-mineral formulation used for the treatment of various problems Rheumatic diseases, Arthritis, Vata diseases and many others.

Amukkara Choornam Medicine Details

Amukkara Choornam is very useful medicine to treat various health problems like nervine tonic and restores normal health, strength, and well-being.