Prickly Chaff Flower(Achyranthes aspera) for oral care

Apamarga or Chirchita is a medicinal herb which is found throughout Indian sub-continent. It is also known as Prickly Chaff Flower. This plant is easily identifiable due to its ability to attach seeds to clothes. It is excellent herb to treat various oral problems. Here is how to use it to cure mouth problems.

Chirchita ayurvedic remedies

Latin name: Achyranthes aspera

Uses of Apamarga or Prickly Chaff for oral care

  • Toothache
  • Tooth cavity
  • Gum problem, Swollen Gums
  • Infection in mouth
  • Pyorrhoea
  • Mouth ulcer

How to use Apamarga or Prickly Chaff Flower for oral care

  • Take thick stem of apamarga and remove all leaves.
  • Wash it and use as datun(Tooth brush) to clean teeth.
  • Since it is a seasonal herb so you may not get it all over the year. So wash fresh stems and dry in shade to remove moisture. This dried stem can be stored for future use. Just soak these stems in water few hours before use. Or you may use fresh roots of apamarga and chew frequently.
  • Its regular use makes teeth and gums strong and healthy. This herb is non-toxic and can be used by any person.

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