Know The Health Problems Guava Leaves Can Cure

Guava is small tree which is found across all the tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Guava is well known for its medicinal use in traditional system of medicine.


Guava Leaves health benefits

In many parts of world it is used for treating diarrhoea, dysentery, ulcers, dental problems and countless other ailments. Every part of Guava tree has medicinal properties. Its leaves are boiled in water and decoction is prepared which is used internally as well as externally.

Latin name: Psidium guajava
Family: Myrtaceae
Sanskrit: Peruk, Dridhabajati, Bahubeej
Hindi: Amarud, Safari
Gujarati: JaanPhal, Jamarukh
Bengali: Chichara, Goyirch Phal
French: guave, goyave,  goyavier
German: guave, Guavenbaum, Guayave
Japanese: banjiro
Portugal: goiabeiro
Spain: guayaba, guayabo
Marathi: Peru, Jaam
Kannada: Shive
Telugu: Jaama

Following are some home remedies of Guava Leaves

  • Gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, dysentery

    Prepare decoction of Guava bark and leaves. Drink this decoction 20 ml few times a day.

  • Oral problems, Pyorrhoea, gun swelling

    Chew fresh leaves (3-4) of guava. This has antibacterial and antiseptic effect. Chewing is also a good jaw exercise.
    You can also prepare a decoction by boiling 3-4 leaves in water for gargling purpose.

  • Mouth ulcers

    Chew guava leaves.

  • Vomiting, nausea

    Drink guava leaf decoction to cure vomiting.

  • Frequent indigestion

    Wash and clean leaves of guava. Now crush and extract juice in mortar and pestle. Drink this leaves juice 10 ml with misri in morning for few days.

  • Anal prolapse (Gudabhransh)

    For anal prolapse prepare guava leaves poultice and tie on affected area.
    Crush and boil Bark, root and leaves (250 gm) of guava in water (500 ml). Cook till volume reduces to 250 ml. Filter this and use to wash anal area and push the anus inside. This has astringent action.

  • Arthritis, inflammation

    Take fresh leaves, warm them and apply at inflamed joints.

  • Fever

    Drink fresh leaves juice of guava for few times a day.

Guava leaves decoction

Guava leaves decoction has astringent (tends to constrict body tissues), antimicrobial and antiseptic (controls growth of infection causing microorganisms) activities. Due to these action this decoction can be used externally to wash infections and kill bacteria.

Here are few condition in which guava leaf wash is beneficial

  • Vaginal and uterine wash, especially in leucorrhoea
  • Uterine bleeding
  • Vaginal irritation, itching, infection and discharges
  • Cuts, wounds washing
  • Skin infections, Acne, pimples, boils, ulcers, itchy rashes, Scabies

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